Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kershaw Conspiracy

There I was, looking forward to possibly the radio highlight of the year, an interview with DJ and journalist Andy Kershaw for Radio 4's 'On The Ropes' series, which they'd been plugging all week, only for the announcer to say, "In place of our advertised programme, here's some toss about The Wizard Of Oz."

I might not have heard him correctly, such was my frustration.

Whassup ? Did the BBC lawyers have a last minute collywobble ? Did his ex take out another injunction ? Did he go on the lash and do something silly, come off a motorbike ?

At the moment, it just looks like the Beeb are doing everything they can to prevent the return to the airwaves of one of the best broadcasters since John Peel.

UPDATE: I was right the first time - 'twas the lawyers and a last minute concern about privacy.

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