Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pumpkin Crimewatch

The digital camera has gone back, after a two year loan. I was not just starting to think it was mine, I was somewhere near the middle. In the meantime, here's some old echinacea.

Chilling to Boards of Canada, who, to the uninitiated, neither have boards, nor are they from Canada : Sublime instrumental, ambient, electronica...hip hop...luscious cloud pads floating on throbbing low frequency tectonic beats.

There's a pumpkin thief, or thieves, up the allotment, so I've harvested half of mine and brought them back home : That wasn't easy, seeing as I appear to have grown my body weight in pumpkin this year, and don't have a car. I managed to get two in a rucksack, and took a couple of trips....Hmm ; )

One guy told me that someone else thought he knew who the thief was. A woman I met by the water trough said she thought she knew who it was, though she was mainly distressed that her path to the trough had been blocked off by some women who she'd previously, politely, asked not to.

When she came up behind me, I thought she was going to have a go at me for harvesting late raspberries from an unattended plot. I'd been crouching down, with the cat sitting around my shoulders (it's what she does) when I heard a voice saying, "You just can't trust some people can you !" Later, she gave me some - lots - of plum tomatoes, bless. What with everything else, I hardly had room.

Loads of runner beans, still. Tatties too.
A resurgence of sweet peas. Which is nice.

It's not been a good week for technology - my second Epson printer died ; (
I spent about 8 hours trying to clean the print heads - they get clogged if you don't use it every week, and I'd probably not needed it for a month. A website I found, recommended setting a timer to make it come on every day, if you go away on holiday. That's ridiculous. Anyway - I can get the same one again - to use with my old Macs - second-hand from EBay, for around £25 inc p&p, or troll off to Maplins, Tesco, wherever - or online - for a new USB inkjet/b&w laser, for the PC, for around £40.

I had to email a friend some things I urgently needed printing - which involved having to finally use Microsoft Word on the PC, which was a pain, after effortlessly gliding around with Quark on the Macs for years.

For no reason, here's a photo I took of a Baltic swan.
(And then mashed up in Photoshop)

Getting my own back on my neighbours now - who spent the day, from dawn til dusk, knocking things about. Boards Of Canada give way to Deaf Center : We're talking piano, orchestra, tea cups, disturbing creaks, bass frequencies and a hint of electronica. It does get a bit dark at times...this being one of them :-(

Sh1t! Am I being burgled?
Where did I put those pumpkins?