Sunday, August 20, 2006


Yumm...made some more redcurrant jelly today.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Allotment I

Up the allotment early today, as there was rain forecast for the afternoon. Seem to have about eight little pumpkins on three plants. I've heard about taking off the excess flowers, once you've got some pumpkins set, as this encourages them to grow bigger, but, I've also heard it suggested that it's better to have lots of little ones, as it's more practical for the kitchen. Still, I'll have to try to grow at least one biggun, for the Halloween lamp ; )

The plums are literally falling off the trees at the moment : I've already had about 3 kgs and there are plenty more. Met my neighbour the other day, on whose plot two of the trees are rooted, who encouraged me to help myself. I gave her some rocket in return. Glad to have permission, as I'd already been taking the ones which are overhanging my shed. Now I reckon I can take a few more, especially as I had a chat with another neighbour today, on the way out, who said it was a pity that so many were going to waste.
Already got some plum brandy on the go and a couple of batches of jam. Going to stew some more today and stick them in the freezer.

The gladioli have lasted well, thanks to all the watering and weeding we've done. At times, the bindweed has threatened to strangle them and during the hot weather, the ground around them was dry and cracked.
I suppose they've helped to attract the bees and other winged insects, which have pollenated the pumpkins nearby.

The word gladioli is related to gladiator and the Latin for sword. Didn't Morrissey dance about with some on Top Of The Pops ?

The runner bean plants which survived the slugs and snails have grown very tall and I've been harvesting for several weeks. I should have put a crossbeam in, to give them more support and stop them growing out of reach ; )
I've been chopping most of them for the freezer, but today I'm having a load of them with butter, potatoes and mint, topped with cranberry jelly.