Thursday, March 08, 2012

Hoveyda's watch

Oddly, I'm just waiting for a BBC political correspondent in Washington DC to phone. No, I haven't gone off my head or decided that blogging about repainting my allotment shed is so banal that I need to invent something, nor does the BBC in Washington need my insight into the Republican Party primaries.


And there he was, on the other end of the line, sounding a little bit like a Christopher or Peter Hitchens, responding to the email with my home phone number within ten minutes of me sending it, ever the hardworking hack.

The story starts with an Iranian in Paris in 1941, moves on to Marylebone Road in the mid '70s, falters in Croydon and ends in Nottingham in 1981. The call from Washington DC is merely an epilogue, a testament to the effort that some journalists are willing to expend in correcting errors in previously published articles.

UPDATE: 14.03.2012 :
The remainder of the original post has been removed for the time being as the story and its epilogue develop. For more information follow the links below and if you're curious, get in touch.

BBC News - The 'Iranian Schindler' who saved Jews from the Nazis

'In the Lion's Shadow' - Fariborz L. Mokhtari

'In the Lion's Shadow' - Reviews:

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